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Verify Cyber Security 

Your Tailored Security Partner

When it comes to on-demand professional services like project work, vCISO services, program development, and Incident Response clients have two primary pricing options: Spot Pricing and Block Pricing

We offer two pricing models for professional services to suit your needs.

Occasional or Unplanned Services

If you're uncertain about how frequently or for how long you'll need our services, spot pricing (On-Demand - Pay as you go) might be more flexible for you. 

Regular or Extended Services

If you anticipate needing our services for longer periods or on several occasions, block pricing offers substantial savings. Plus, by pre-purchasing hours, you ensure priority scheduling. 

All services are billed in 15-minute increments. All services are billed based on hours worked. After-Hours/Emergency Response Services are billed at 1.5x


On Demand - Pay as you Go

NexTier's "Pay-as-you-go" rate. For clients who choose on demand for flexibility, or need to use our services without a pre-existing agreement. 

Spot rates start at $150/hr

Pre-Purchased Block Time

Clients have the option to pre-purchase blocks of hours at a discounted rate. This offers savings for those who anticipate requiring services for extended periods or on multiple occasions, such as for ongoing vCISO engagements and large project consulting

*Block hours are pre-purchased and pre-paid at a minimum of 10 hour increments. 

Block rates start at just $125/hr

Please note that all services listed are subject to change. Prices are inclusive of services listed only and may not include costs for installation, hardware, software licensing and miscellaneous parts required for installation or support. All services will be quoted with a full scope of work prior to price finalization. Starting prices listed are reflective of bulk pre-order discounts and/or work type specific agreements. Please contact us directly for a direct quote. 

Block Time
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