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Our Mission

At Verify Cyber Security we strive to make cybersecurity accessible, affordable, and tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

Chris Riani, Verify's owner, has over a decade of experience in the cyber security industry, in both the public and private sector. As an Air Force veteran who has protected some of our country's most valuable information, Chris has made it his life goal to help secure critical data.


With numerous technical certifications and a deep understanding of Federal and State regulations, Chris is uniquely equipped to provide expert solutions for small businesses and non-profits seeking affordable and compliant data security solutions.

Chris leverages his Systems Engineering and GRC experience to guide businesses that find themselves under the burden of regulatory requirements for data protection. A technical innovator, he is passionate about helping organizations achieve compliance while also providing practical solutions for protecting their data.

A seasoned vCISO, Chris looks forward to making Verify Cyber a trusted partner to your organization. 

NexTier Owner, Chris Riani

Chris Riani, Owner

Sound like a good fit?

If you feel that Verify Cyber would make a good partner for your organization, please reach out today so we can set up a time to talk!

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