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Cybersecurity Engineering Support

"Modern IT teams face an ever-growing array of challenges. Specific technical expertise is often required to address unique cybersecurity concerns. Rather than bearing the cost of hiring a full-time Senior Cybersecurity Engineer, consider leveraging NextTier's on-demand engineering support."

On-Demand Cybersecurity Engineering Support

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Expertise When You Need It Most

Service Implementation Guidance: Ensure a secure and efficient rollout of new technologies and solutions. 

Vulnerability Remediation: Address and mitigate identified security vulnerabilities swiftly. 

Senior Technical Guidance: Receive expert advice on intricate cybersecurity challenges and informed strategic decision-making. 

Comparative Analysis with Hiring a Senior Cybersecurity Engineer: 

Average Annual Salary for a Senior Cybersecurity Engineer: $100,000 to $150,000 

Average Potential Annual Savings with NextTier On-Demand Support:


 $72,200 - $134,400 Saved

Boost your IT team's capabilities with NextTier's on-demand cybersecurity engineering support. Tap into senior technical expertise exactly when you need it, without the hefty commitment of a full-time salary. Enhance your team's potential, make the right decisions, and ensure your operations' security—all while achieving substantial annual savings. 

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