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Exclusive Resources

Welcome to the member exclusive resource page. Please feel free to explore new tools as they become available!


Select a resource below to use it.

Computer Programming


Albert is a generative language bot trained in everything security and compliance. His goal is to help you with your cybersecurity and compliance needs. A wealth of knowledge is an understatement! Ask Albert anything you would like, from regulatory specifics, to how to secure your router. Think of him as a security advisor in the palm of your hand.

Ai Spy

Ai Spy (pronounced Eye Spy...) as far as we know, is a first of its kind. Created by NexTier owner Chris Riani, this tool allows you to enter your public IP address or web URL, and within a minute or so receive a summarized network security summary. Results appear in an easy-to-understand chat format, so anyone can perform and review a network scan! This is a great tool to get a head start on understanding your external network footprint. 

Programming Console
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