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Security Consulting Services

Tailor Fit to Your Organization

Specializing in Cyber Security and Compliance Consulting for IT providers.

NexTier Owner, Chris Riani

Chris Riani, Owner

Verify Cyber Security

Verify provides valuable industry expertise, offering comprehensive cybersecurity assessments, security program development, and fixed price security consulting for your organization. 

Our goal is to help IT teams navigate the complex world of cybersecurity. By advising you and your clients through regulatory changes, Verify can provide critical added value to your team.

Navigate Regulatory Complexity

We help your organization stay compliant with industry standards, such as ITAR, NIST 800-171, DFARS and CMMC, as well as PCI, HIPAA, and other State or Federal requirements. 

Supplement Your Team

Enhance your cybersecurity offering with our vCISO (Virtual Chief Information Security Officer) service. Benefit from executive level security expertise for your clients without the expense of a full-time employee. 

Your Expert Advocate

If you are planning to make changes or take on new regulatory requirements, don't go it alone. Verify Cyber can help ensure a smooth and secure transition, tailored to your specific needs.

Secure by Design

Trust an impartial expert to recommend cost effective, secure solutions for you and your clients as you grow your business and your tech stack

Tony M

Burlington VT

" ...unparalleled skill with amazing customer service to every situation…a perfect addition for improved security services in the complex world of cybersecurity!"

Eric C

New Hudson MI

"...detail oriented and has broad and deep knowledge of many aspects of security programs regardless of the industry an organization may serve. I definitely recommend."

Clayton M

 South Burlington VT

"...can explain how IT security solutions help meet the needs of your business, whether expanding your current solution or starting from scratch... technical prowess is equally impressive... Highly recommend! "

Grow Your Vision

Finding a good Security Partner should not be an insurmountable task. Whether you currently have an MSSP partner or you could benefit from an extra set of eyes, reach out today. 

Are Your Clients Audit Ready?

Get in touch today to see what Verify Cyber Security can do for your team.

Small Business Friendly
Security Consulting

Modern Office
On average Verify services are over 50% lower than an average MSSP or Large Consulting Firm!

We add value to your offering - instantly.

The Verify Advantage

  • Holistic Cybersecurity: Services range from assessments and consulting to interactive employee training and assistance with service integrations. Whatever your needs or budget, we support you every step of the way. 

  • Impartial Advice: We are not here to sell you anything!  We do not have a product to sell, nor "upgrades" to push. We are here to provide your team with expert advice that you can count on to have your best interests in mind. 

  • You Focus on Growth: Running any IT organization is hard enough, especially in hard to navigate industries such as defense, finance, non-profit and healthcare. We handle navigating regulatory compliance for you, allowing you to prioritize organizational growth and service delivery.

  • At the end of the day, your mission is our mission!

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